The advantages and disadvantages of living and working in a foreign country

The advantages and disadvantages of living and working in a foreign country

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Nowadays, a plenty of people prefer to go to abroad for different purposes as studying or finding new jobs for long period of time. However, leaving your motherland and travelling to foreign countries have prosceniums and cons. In this essay, I am going to talk about both sides of this kind of decision and to conclude my opinion about going to foreign countries for significant period of time.


First and foremost, we can easily see the advantages of going oversea countries. For instance, one of the main thing is that if somebody travels to different country with different culture, language, cuisine and different people, all of these factors will lead to broaden his or her horizon. They will have a lot of exciting experiences and accumulate much knowledge.

Moreover, people go abroad to find a better life. They also have a better working environment. They will have more chances to approach advanced technologies which help them be more innovative and be easy to gain their success and be promoted faster. Furthermore, their lifestyle will change towards more positive sites because they have much good conditions to entertain and live, especially a less polluted environment and more fresh air. As a result, their health is better and they have few diseases.


On the other hand, you could face some serious problems when you are in this situation. Such as, having a feeling of isolation due to communicating in a second language or a culture shock and the general cost of living and so on.Most importantly, they have to live far from their relatives, friends which make them feel frequently alone and be easy to dishearten because no closed people beside them when they need to encourage them.

By way of conclusion, going abroad for studying and working is an unforgettable experience, which opens your mind. Maybe there are some troubles, however, if you get over them, your future must be bright with flying colours.


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